TP Link WiFi Extender Troubleshooting

Are you facing issues with your TP Link extender? Is your TP Link WiFi extender causing problems? Can’t you make the most of your TP Link extender? Well, worry not! Here is a list of a few hacks you can try to fix TP Link issues. Keep in mind that the TP Link troubleshooting tips we are going to jot down below apply to all extender models. So, no matter which TP Link extender model you own, simply give these TP Link extender troubleshooting tips a shot and make your WiFi device work at its best.

Troubleshoot TP Link Extender Issues

1. Turn Your Extender Off and On Again

One of the most working TP Link troubleshooting tips is to power cycle your extender. For this, unplug your extender, wait for a few seconds, and then plug it back into its power socket. With this, the virtual head of your extender will get cleared.

Turning off your extender and on again might seem a simplistic TP Link troubleshooting tip, but it can really fix various TP Link issues and give your device a boost.

2. Change Your Extender’s Location

If your TP Link extender is acting up and you can’t get seamless internet access in all areas of your home, then we recommend you move your extender to a better location. Keep in mind that, the signals of a TP Link range extender can get interrupted by the closeness of metal appliances, reflexive surfaces, electronic devices, large physical objects, and walls.

So, for TP Link troubleshooting, it is better you place your extender away from such things. The ideal location to place your extender is in the central location of your home and within the range of your home WiFi router.

3. Adjust Antennas

Many routers and extenders support external antennas. If your TP Link extender also supports the same, you can adjust them.

This TP Link troubleshooting tip will help you spread the signals of your WiFi device in every area of your home.

4. Cut off WiFi Leeches

You may also get into certain TP Link issues if you have not yet encrypted your WiFi and protected it by changing its network name.

Thus, consider implementing this TP Link troubleshooting tip in an instant. To encrypt and protect your WiFi, however, you need to first log in to your range extender.

5. Switch to a Different WiFi Channel

If intermittent WiFi is your major concern and you are looking for TP Link troubleshooting tips to get this fixed, then all you need to do is: change your WiFi channel.

You are suggested to choose a channel that is less congested. This can be done by accessing the settings of your TP Link extender.

6. Update TP Link firmware

Keeping the TP Link firmware updated is another best TP Link troubleshooting hack you can try to boost the performance of your range extender. Setup Wizard

Many TP Link extenders automatically get firmware updates. However, for some, you need to manually execute the process. If you don’t know how to get success with the TP Link firmware update process, then the below-listed section can be of great help.

How to do TP Link Firmware Upgrade?

Downloading the latest firmware on your TP Link extender will not only help in increasing the stability of your device but also enhance its performance. By having the latest TP Link firmware on your range extender, you can get rid of various issues like intermittent WiFi, extender keeps rebooting, TP Link extender light flashing red, and many more.

TP Link firmware upgrade process can be executed using various methods. You can either access the web GUI of your extender or use the TP Link app to update the latest version of TP Link firmware on your extender. Here are the step-by-step instructions explaining both methods in detail.

TP Link Firmware Update using

For updating TP Link firmware on your extender using, all you need to do is:

  • Download the latest firmware for the TP link extender model you own from the official site of TP Link and save it on your system.
  • Once done, log in to your extender via tplinkrepeater web address.

Quick Tip: If TP Link extender setup wizard is not accessible using the default web address, then try to reach the dashboard of your device using the default IP address.

  • As soon as you find yourself on the web management page of your TP Link extender, head towards the Settings section.
  • Thereafter, go to System Tools > TP Link Firmware Upgrade.
  • Clicking Browse you will be able to find the file you have already downloaded on your system.
  • Select the file and click Upgrade.
  • You need to wait for a while for letting the TP Link firmware update process gets completed.

To be noted: If you don’t want any changes in the current settings of your TP Link extender, then consider having the backup of the configuration settings of your device. Once you are done with the TP Link firmware upgrade process, you can restore your settings by navigating to the System Tools > Backup & Restore option.

  • As soon as your extender will get updated with the latest version of TP Link firmware, it will reboot.

This is all about how to do TP Link firmware upgrade using the web GUI.

TP Link Firmware Update using Kasa App

  • Download the Kasa app on your device.
  • Tap the hamburger button and then navigate to Settings.
  • Locate and select TP Link Firmware Update option.
  • Within the screen revealing TP Link Firmware Update option, you will get a list of devices that are having firmware updates available.
  • Select your device and proceed further by tapping the Update option.

Note: Kasa app may take a while to complete the TP Link firmware upgrade process. Thus, you are advised not to interrupt the process by minimizing or closing the app in between.

This is how you can complete the TP Link firmware update process using the app. Just in case you find yourself stuck at any point, let our experts assist you.

Moving on, if even after getting TP Link firmware upgrade, your device is not performing well, then it seems there is some problem with its installation. For TP Link troubleshooting of your extender, you then need to reset your device to default settings and configure it again. Setup Wizard

The next sections given on this page will provide you a detailed overview of the steps on how to reset TP Link extender using hard reset and soft reset methods. Let’s get started!

Reset TP Link Extender to Fix TP Link Problems

There are times when users need to reset their TP Link extenders to the factory settings. Whatever the reason is forcing you to take your TP Link extender to the factory default settings; there are two ways that can be used by you to reset TP link extender. Here they are:

Reset TP Link Extender using Reset button

  • Make sure your TP Link extender is receiving proper power supply.
  • Next, locate the Reset button on your TP Link extender. Doing so will restore your extender back to the default settings.

This is how you can reset TP Link extender using the hard reset method.

Reset TP Link Extender using Web GUI

  • For this process, you need to log in to your extender first.
  • Make sure your TP Link extender is connected to your router using an Ethernet cable.
  • Open a web browser on your PC and type the default web address of your TP Link extender into the URL bar.
  • Hit Enter to access the login page of your TP Link extender.
  • Type in your login details and proceed further by selecting Login.

Quick Tip: If you have changed the login details of your extender then make sure to use the updated details.

  • As soon as you reach the web GUI of your TP Link extender, navigate to Settings > Advanced.
  • Under the Backup & Restore, try locating the Factory Default Restore option.
  • Once there, select the Factory Restore option and let your TP Link extender set back to its default settings.

This is how you can reset TP Link extender using the web GUI of your WiFi device.

TP Link extender reset process will restore the settings of your WiFi device to default settings. You now need to reconfigure your extender from scratch. If you have backed up the settings of your device before executing TP Link extender reset process, then restore the settings to make your extender up and running in no time.

Just in case you need any help while resetting or setting up your TP Link extender, get in touch with our proficient team at any hour of the day.

These all are the TP Link troubleshooting tips using which you can fix various TP Link issues in no time. If still some TP Link problems are shaking your internet-using experience and you need personalized assistance for the same, simply ask our experts to assist you.

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