August 24, 2022 / Cedric Stanley

A Brief Guide to Fix TP Link WiFi Keeps Going In and Out Issue

Are you worried because your TP-Link repeater’s WiFi keeps going in and out? Wondering what might have gone wrong from your end that caused this iss

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TP Link Extender Slow Speed, tp link extender setup
August 4, 2022 / Alice Terry

5 Quick Ways to Fix TP Link Extender Slow Speed Issue

Getting a slow speed issue on an extender can be frustrating and even can ruin your internet-using experience. A slow extender does not essentially me

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July 19, 2022 / Cedric Stanley

DIY Guide to Solve TP-Link WiFi Not Working on Laptop Issue

If you haven’t been able to stream music and browse the web for quite some time, chances are that you have become a victim to the TP-Link WiFi not w

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TP Link WiFi Extender Not Working After Firmware Update
July 8, 2022 / Cedric Stanley

Fix: TP Link WiFi Extender Not Working After Firmware Update

Upgrading the firmware of the TP Link WiFi range extender is supposed to enhance its performance, not force it to go to the ‘I am never going to com

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WiFi extenders like any other piece of technology suffer from some drawbacks. Check out this guide to know some common WiFi extender problems
June 9, 2022 / Alice Terry

Tech Guide to WiFi Extender Problems You Should Know About

The world of internet technology has reached new zeniths in the last few years. The Ethernet-based cable connections have been replaced with WiFi rout

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Best Wi-Fi Repeater
May 25, 2022 / Cedric Stanley

Guide to Purchasing the Best Wi-Fi Repeater

So, you are facing network issues with your home router? Maybe the kids are complaining of not being able to enjoy their favorite mobile games, or you

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Do you want to disable SSID broadcast on your TP-Link repeater? Walk through the guidelines mentioned in this post and learn how to execute the process.
May 16, 2022 / Alice Terry

A Definite Guide to Disable SSID Broadcast on TP-Link Repeater

Wireless networks are less secure as compared to wired networks. Think about it; a hacker will find it much harder to break into your repeater when he

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March 24, 2022 / Cedric Stanley

Thorough Guide to Change IP Address of TP-Link Extender

A TP-Link extender acts as a bridge between the host router and wireless client devices to fill the dead zones in the house with a superb internet con

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In-Depth Guide to Perform TP Link Firmware Update on Extender
March 10, 2022 / Cedric Stanley

In-Depth Guide to Perform TP Link Firmware Update on Extender

When it comes to streamlining the performance of your TP-Link range extender, the firmware update holds an important place. Not only this, but firmwar

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Why Can’t I Change TP Link Password?
January 22, 2022 / Cedric Stanley

Why Can’t I Change TP Link Password?

TP Link extenders are one of the best WiFi devices used by people around the world in their everyday life. After configuring the extender, you can enj

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